Writing is like being able to put life into a snow globe. It takes the things that are too big and scary and reduces them into a form that I can put away when I want and look at from a distance. It also takes all that’s good in life and captures it into something I can take out when I want and look at close up and keep forever. It makes the bad things into something I can hold…and the good things into something I can hold onto. Both help so much that I need that little souvenir of life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


JUST when you thought this blog couldn’t get more exciting!

Coming Soon: Stuff I Found Around My House! About once a week or so, I will show you something from around my house. Just makes you want the week to fly by, doesn’t it? So that’s it. Stuff. You expected more, maybe? Uhhh, nope. Well, I’ll tell you about it, too. What makes this different from a kindergartener’s show and tell, you ask? The fact that I am about 45 years older than a kindergartener and only slightly more mature.

OH, GREAT EIGHT BALL…is this a good idea?
By the way, here’s the first one. My Eight Ball. Well, really it’s my daughter’s, but she doesn’t play with it anymore, and as you can see from the fact that the Eight Ball has its own blog label, I do.

Spoken by eighth grade boy last week: “Something smells good over here. Is that you? Ma’am, would it be inappropriate of me to ask if I could sniff you?”


  1. Can't wait to discover your next discovery. Eight balls irritate the heck out of me, those water logged lies!

    Was it you the little 'dog' asked to sniff?

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Your eight ball knows me well...

  3. I remember this old 8-Ball! Can't wait to hear more about your "stuff"...plus I think you should do a weekly..or monthly 8-Ball Post!

  4. Linda, you crack me up! Yes, that little puppy asked to sniff me, though I don't think I was what he was smelling. And I get irritated by eight balls, too, which is why I shake them till they tell me what I want to hear.

    Glad I'm not the only one, Lisa!

    Hee hee--thanks Becky, but I'm already worried I'll be pushing it with my silly "stuff!!"


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