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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Improper Poll: When Bears Attack

My kids have been home for Thanksgiving, so of course I’ve been distributing the items that my daughter calls “Momish.” You know—winter coats, cold medications…and pepper spray.

I purchased the pepper spray in a large sporting goods store. I couldn’t figure out what sport required pepper spray, however, so I asked at the front desk, where the girl told me it was in the “huntin’ department.” She said it like, “Duh.” Like any fool knows pepper sprays are part of hunting.

So what I want to know is, what animal does one hunt using pepper spray? Are there really hunters out there chasing after deer and frantically squirting? I have a hard time envisioning this.

So I asked my daughter. She said she heard they really do sell it as a defense for bears. Yes, bears. I think if I were going to get so close to a bear that I could reach it with pepper spray, I would want a more effective weapon. “Better than nothing,” my daughter said. Maybe, but presuming one is in the woods at the time, wouldn’t a rock be better? Or a strategically placed stick? Even running away. Or playing dead—which I’ve heard is the proper response for bear attacks, anyway. Do you play dead and then squirt if they are sniffing you to check? Or if they aren’t fooled?

So today’s poll is less a poll than a serious question. Do you know what gets hunted using pepper spray?


  1. I read over the weekend that a woman used pepper spray hunting for a bargain at Walmart on Black Friday. I think she bagged a 42 inch TV in exchange for around two-hunderd BUCKS!

  2. H'mmm. My husband hunts and he's mentioned bow hunting season, gun season, and black powder season. Never once has he mentioned pepper spray season.

    Critter Alley

  3. irishoma is exactly right! When shopping on Black Friday, one should always have a can of pepper spray to fend off attacks by gangs of mirauding holiday shoppers who aim to trample you just to get your "stuff." Oh, and be sure you have enough bail money on you, when you are arrested and hauled off to jail for assault. If anyone ever assaulted me with pepper spray while I shopped, you can bet that I will sue them nastily.

    Actually, after the snakebit Little Liz suffered in the fall, I'm wondering if it works on rattlesnakes. I am serious about that! And it just might stop bobcats and javelinas in their tracks if they approach me on the golf course! Tammy, this post is sheer genius!!!

  4. You know I read that right after I posted. You guys are too funny!!!

    Judie, that's a good idea about the snakes and bobcats. I had to Google javelinas, which sounded to me like exotic female baristas!

  5. If I am ever close enough to spray a wild thing, I know my hands will be shaking so much I won't be able to launch my attack.

    There are a lot of wild guys out there you might want to spritz. hang onto it if your daughter doesn't want it.

  6. I think, as you're the prey rather than the predator in the Senior Sex(less) mixers, the pepper spray would come in handy.

  7. Tammy, javelinas are big, smelly, and have very poor eyesight. Get too close to their young, and they will attack, even if you are disguised as a tree. They have TUSKS! One Christmas, they attacked a huge blow-up Santa in a neighbor's front yard, and tore it to shreds. They go out on Halloween night and search out pumpkins to eat.

  8. First, came by to say thank you and I feel the same thankfulness about getting to know you to my dear. We are having issues with my grandmother and it has just been so emotionally draining for me I have been unable to blog. Hope you understand and I do plan on returning soon.

    As to the pepper spray... I actually heard it was used BY hunters to counter-act the deer urine smell they started out spraying on them selves. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Never heard of pepper spray used for hunting. My stepmother gave me some so that I could ward off any attackers when I had to walk home from work at night. My little sister and I decided to "try" it to see if it really worked. We sprayed it out of the window and then we were going to sniff it, but DUR, the wind blew it back in and we nearly gagged. It works. Well. Never had to use it on anyone though. Hmmm. So for all those hunters out there, hope they know not to spray it when it's windy!

  10. You asked for it. Here it is, from no other than Sarah Palin:


  11. I get such a kick out of your responses! Judie, I think you've just described a Book Blurb Friday plot for a horror book...or else a monster movie. Would pepper spray stop such a thing?? Tom, I was pretty horrified that Peta went for that until I got to the third paragraph. Great article, thanks!

  12. Hubby and I bought some for our daughter when she went off to college. So I guess the appropriate response in our house is: frat boys.


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