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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Improper Poll: Out of Sight, Not of Mind

So last week when I mentioned Halloween candy, some people responded that they freeze their candy or end up throwing it out when it gets stale. I can’t quite grasp the concept of having chocolate long enough for it to get stale. The exception was the healthy chocolate that was almost 100% pure cocoa. As in, they’d barely added any sugar or creamy stuff to it, so it was lean and black and dense and bitter. Mean-bitter. Chocolate should never be something you have to fight. It was so wrong.

So anyway, to get rid of my remaining Halloween candy, I resorted to standing at the end of my driveway (in bedroom slippers) and hollering at passers-by, “Does anybody want the rest of this bowl of candy?!” Which, under any other circumstances, would have made me the Lady-You-Run-From. As it was, one adult politely took a piece the way you would do with a crazy person you were trying to humor.

Usually at that time of night, all that’s left is teenagers. And sure enough, I eventually stalked a gang of them and practically forced it on a large but slightly scared-looking mouse.

Then I had some birthday cake last week that I tried to foist off onto friends. “Just freeze it,” they said. People always say that, and I don’t get it. What is the point of freezing? Do some people not know how to open a freezer door? Because I do. It’s almost as easy as opening a refrigerator door. And frozen cake is still cake. In fact, it’s sort of good frozen. I’ll even try setting up obstacles for myself by double-wrapping with the really clingy stuff and then sealing it in various containers so that I have to really want it to get through all of the barriers. Problem is, I usually do want it that badly.

Do you have a food you just can’t resist?


  1. The terrible thing about frozen cake is you can eat a slice standing up, with your fingers...no need for a fork and plate. In fact, you can eat a slice right in front of the open freezer door, and then get another and do the same thing.

    That cake was darned good.

    Chocolate is it for me. I try to resist, but sometimes cannot. Unfortunately, I like the milk stuff, the unhealthy kind, rather than the dark.

  2. I can't resist chocolate chip cookies, unless they're really bad, powder-dry chocolate chip cookies.
    I know what you mean about cake. I have been known to eat it in my sleep. Get up, eat, go back to bed, without waking up.
    I've done those same things, too, tried to wrap things up so I had to really, really want them. Trouble is, I usually did really, really want them.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Salty stuff -- potato chips, chips & salsa or queso. Cake, especially if it has cream cheese frosting. Veggie Straws (not nearly as healthy as they sound). Mmmm.... And I love peanut & peanut butter M&Ms. *sigh!*

  4. I freeze leftover cake, and I swear I am going to leave it alone until I need a fix. I fix myself a "cold cut" when I get in from school. It is almost as delicious as a hot fudge sundae: frozen choclate cake with frosting dipped in a cup of hot coffee. Another bad boy that has led me astray.

  5. Crunchy salty, and very, very spicy! Candy just doesn't appeal to me, except for an occasional piece of DARK chocolate. I'm not a fan of cake, either. If we do happen to have sweets in the house, Rod takes care of those in short order.

  6. Hmmm...let's see: dark chocolate covered pretzels. Oh, and homemade chocolate chip cookies - now, these I do put in the freezer...not to hide them, but because I LOVE frozen chocolate chip cookies. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I will drag myself to the kitchen just to get one.

  7. Charleston Chews. Whatever I buy, I eat until they're gone. On a healthier note, watermelon is my all time favorite that I'll eat until my belly looks like a watermelon... oh wait... as Sioux would say - my belly IS a watermelon. And she's my hero, she likes the unhealthy kind of chocolate too!

  8. There used to be a desert treat going around my house that we referred to as "Antie's Chewey Cookies." They were good. I mean REALLY good. They were to DIE for. ...Which was a good thing, because they were so high in sugar and fat that they'd likely kill you.

  9. Not "a" food. Unfortunately for me it's an entire banquet of foods that I can't resist!

    Critter Alley

  10. I have a real weakness for foods that are just plain hard to come by or just plain not good for me. REAL Boston Cream Pie, Foods that are really hard to replicate because real European ingredients are to hard to (or to expensive to) come by. Being a foodie can be a real joy (read pain in the butt when it comes to avoiding unneeded weight gain.) ;D

  11. LOL, yeah what do you with that healthy chocolate candy? Wrong is just not strong enough. And the mental picture of a lady in slippers panhandling candy was too much. :)

    I would have to say "Grease." I just can't get enough of greasy food.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. Lemon meringue pie and licorice, but not at the same time.

  13. Fresh from the oven, gooey, Choc. Chip and peanut m&m cookies.... mmmmm

  14. I can't -- and don't -- resist dark chocolate.

    Which is why once I've had my fill, it has to be given away.



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