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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Improper Poll: You Might Call Him Mr. America

As a substitute teacher, I often find myself wandering around classrooms while kids work. School posters are frequent contributors to my beloved quote collection.

But often my mind wanders, and some things should never wander too far or they will just get lost. For example, when you look at a poster of all of our presidents, some of them were kind of cute. I know JFK was known for being adorable, and a lot of people think Clinton and Obama are good looking. And both Bushes weren’t too bad in their younger years. But if we’re talking about younger years, Google “Gerald Ford football” sometime. Oh, gracious!

I have to say, though, when judged at the time they served as president—James K. Polk wasn’t too bad if one is able to ignore his precursor-to-the-mullet-hairdo. And Franklin Pierce had almost an aged Johnny Depp look in some of his portraits. And really Thomas Jefferson was pretty cute in a distinguished way. But by far my favorite president either on currency or not is Andrew Jackson. Yes, he has that long face, but even the $20 bill captures that sort of rock star quality—a gentlemanly rock star quality. It’s almost as if someone off camera just said something of such great concern that he is readying himself to take flight via his enormous, winged eyebrows.

Today's Improper Poll question is, of course, should the presidential race have a swimsuit competition phase? And who do you think was our cutest president?


  1. Oh,Tammy, you've outdone yourself this time.

    Andrew Jackson has a rock star quality? I can hear him fighting to turn over in his grave.

    Swimsuit competition? I laughed when I first read this but you know.. is it any worse than the reality? I mean that don't argue about the REAL issues and once they're in office they care little about what they said or promised. So yeah. Why NOT a swimsuit competition?

    ..Of course, I'm also all for a female president and if you convince them to do this it'll make that a LOT easier to push through the voting public.

  2. I've always been partial to Bill Clinton. My Man Bill, I used to call him. But I DO NOT want to see him in a swimsuit competition! Even now. Or even with John Travolta portraying him in Primary Colors.

  3. That little weasel DUHbW had good facial features but no brains, Clinton had a bulbous nose and good personality, but I guess, Obama has it in the striking looks department. By the end of their terms they all look haggard.

  4. Perhaps the presidential race should have various areas of competition. Swimsuit, tuxedo, talent, and the final meaty question: "If elected, What will you do for American?"

    Hysterical post, Tammy!

    Critter Alley

  5. If we did institute a mandatory swimsuit competition, would we get better candidates? Here are my suggestions for mandatory competitions:
    - Spelling
    - Budget Balancing
    - Balance Beam (after 2 cocktails, just for fun)
    - History/Geography (they should know how many states there are, and where they are located, no?)
    : )

  6. Tammy--You are going to force me to look up Gerald Ford football pictures, aren't you? I cannot imagine him as a hottie, but you have piqued my interest.

    I am going to say Jimmy Carter. Sexy is all in the head (at times) and I loved that Carter admitted to lusting in his heart. He had an easy, humble style and is super-smart.

  7. He reminds me of Henry Fonda. As a Brit I couldn't possibly comment on the cutest president . . .

  8. Must have talent, as well! Obama has a great singing voice, so I simply must vote for him over Romney, who can't carry a tune. AND I bet Obama doesn't have a spare tire. I also bet Romney doesn't have six-pack abs.

    Any candidate who says, "Twirling is my life," while twirling fire batons should definitely not be elected.

  9. This is so funny! Yesterday we were watching the all day show about the presidents on The History Channel, and I couldn't help but think the look on Jackson's face was when he heard the other side being mean about him having babies with his deceased wife's black sister.

    I don't know if he is hot or not, but there is something adorable about George W. to me.

    Thanks for making me smile this morning, and also, Tammy thank you so much for visiting and leaving me sweet comments ... they are much appreciated.


    Kathy M.

  10. You throw in the swimsuit thing and I just can't think.

  11. You've forced me to take it a step further, and now I'm imagining each one giving the State of the Union in naught but tighty-whities and socks. Tee-hee. Ew. I know, I know. I'm such a 5-year-old.

    My vote is for Michael Douglas in "The American President." I know that's a fictional character, which means when he raises taxes that's fictional too, and that sounds good to me!


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