Writing is like being able to put life into a snow globe. It takes the things that are too big and scary and reduces them into a form that I can put away when I want and look at from a distance. It also takes all that’s good in life and captures it into something I can take out when I want and look at close up and keep forever. It makes the bad things into something I can hold…and the good things into something I can hold onto. Both help so much that I need that little souvenir of life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just When You Think It’s Safe to Blog About Boogers….

You win two awards! Hooray!! In the order received, thank you so much to Linda O'Connell of Write from the Heart, good friend and inspirational writer who truly does write—and live—from the heart. Linda ever so tactfully emailed me about the booger post; did I mind having my work showcased…now? I told her the truth: my writing has been as blocked as my sinuses lately. That’s okay…I think maybe this is helping to jolt me out of it! And I think I'm supposed to post a picture of myself blogging, so here goes, but I couldn't clean my desk without compromising crucial Post-It note placement, so I didn't.

And thank you to Jules of Trying to Get Over the Rainbow, whose posts always seem to touch me deeply whether they are funny, serious, or—amazingly enough—both at once. In her case, I understand that I am supposed to tell you four truths and one lie. See if you can guess the lie:

1. I once partied with Grace Slick.

2. People have always told me I should be a singer.

3. I was on a show called Romper Room when I was four. The teacher had a mike around her neck with a long cord, and I remember tripping on it and choking her a little bit and almost pulling her over. At the end of the show, she had that Magic Mirror thing she’d look through and say, “I see Johnny, and I see Beth, and I see….” And I squinted and stared and searched, and she couldn’t see anyone. She was lying! I was horrified.

4. I didn’t grow hair until I was about three. Once I finally got hair, though, no one touched it. Maybe they were afraid it would fall out again if they messed with it any. So my hair just sat there, unbrushed, and grew longer and longer. A knot formed at the nape of the neck that became legendary in my family as “The Rat’s Nest.” As the hair grew longer, the rat’s nest grew bigger.

My sister called it “circus woman hair.” I was enormously flattered. I thought circus women were the most beautiful creatures in the world, and in fact aspired to be The Lady Who Dangles from Her Hair. She had this big, boofy hair, and they attached something to it and hoisted her up and spun her around in her sparkly costume like a human disco ball. It was the coolest thing in the whole world.

I figure The Rat’s Nest existed from age three until I was hospitalized for pneumonia at age ten and an ambitious candy striper insisted on combing it out. In addition to the agony I went through, what she extracted from my head resembled a small poodle and looked big enough for a whole family of rats. My hair was half its size when she got done. I figured there went my career.

5. I learned to juggle as part of a midlife crisis and still have a bit of a circus fixation.

And now, I pass these awards along to:

Valthevictorian at Unbagging the Cats.  I’m so proud that my nose-picking post inspired deeper analysis. And her Toenail Rug made me laugh so hard, my whole screen shook because I forgot to take my hand off the mouse. And the malcontent story….

Ella over at Ella’s Edge is a mother, poet, artist, and probably lots more I haven’t discovered yet...but I'm looking forward to reading more.

Sioux of Sioux's Page is either a kindred spirit or maybe that's just wishful thinking, but I always get a refreshing laugh at her clever, fun posts.

There were more I wanted, but I currently can't see anyone's followers including my own, and it's very frustrating that this has happened on top of not being able to see a lot of pictures.  If anyone knows what the deal is, please let me know! 

I hate, hate, hate being left out. Whether it’s not being picked for a team or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing that the team doesn’t exist or that the sport doesn’t exist. I should have known…poop ball. ~Michael Scott, “The Office”


  1. Thanks for the award!

    Now, let's get down to business. I gave the Mystery Machine a jump start, and put in a call to Velma. This lie business is intriguing.

    My friend Google gave me a bit of info on Grace and the Romper Room era. I was leaning toward the Grace Slick partying, because after digging into your outrageous stories, I reached the conclusion that you would have been a sweet young thing during Grace's heyday. HOWEVER, I have a feeling that Grace is still a party animal, so my gut tells me that IT COULD HAPPEN.

    I totally believe the Romper Room anecdote, and someone so talented as yourself could surely be a singer, and there's that circus theme running through your truths, so I can go for the juggling, because I, too, taught myself how to juggle. Kind of.

    Which brings me to the hair tale. I'm going to have to pick this one as the lie. Like testimony from a ninth-grader trying to make a case for her innocence, methinks the story is fraught with extraneous details.

    That task complete, I will now relax with a calabash pipe, as favored by Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Okay Tammy, you little liar. Grace Slick, I can see it. Juggling, yeah! Romper room, that lying Miss Lois with her fake mirror never said my name! I think you could be a singer, so I'm going with the hair bit.

  3. I'll have to agree with the majority. The entire hair story had extreme elements of detail, indicating an effort to weave a Paul Bunyon-style Tall Tale.


  4. Juggling life is about all the juggling that I can do. And you m\just may have partied with Grace, so I pick juggling.

  5. Hmmm.
    The Grace Slick partying is probably true.
    Not sure about your singing ability.
    I remember Romper Room, and think you probably made an appearance.
    The hair-raising tale sounds strangely true. The juggling sounds a bit off.
    Singing or juggling, which is a lie?
    I'll wager the singing comment is untrue?
    Donna V.

  6. I'm not sure either, but I happened to love the hair story be it true or false. And if you have a circus fixation, have you ever read "Water for Elephants"? You'd love it.

  7. I'm going with Grace Slick as the ONE LIE! And I'm so glad I stopped back by, because I love the picture of you! You look fabulous, dahhhling!

  8. LOL, Tammy. You have exactly the same effect on me. And I'm so sorry for being late, family, friends and pets have been rather demanding the past couple of days.

    Lie or not I sure would like to have partied with Grace Slick too!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow


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