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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Improper Poll: Multiple Pick Jackpot

I dearly love the frank honesty of a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, but whose birthday is today—HAPPY BIRTHDAY). We were discussing nose piercings, and she commented that she would never want a nose stud because it would impede nose picking. I agreed that would be a hazard. In fact, I’d worry that the inner apparatus would actually trap boogers, thereby necessitating further pickage.

I think I have the wrong look for a nose piercing, anyway. When my daughter was in middle school, one of her friends told me I look like my name should be Carol. I was shocked. No offense to Carols—it’s better than looking like a Tammy, mind you (because of course Tammys wear frosty blue eye shadow and tend to burn down the trailer court when they throw flaming frying pans at their common-law husbands)—but still. A Carol? The horror—she was right. And a nose ring just wouldn’t go on a Carol. If I had even halfway-good abs, though, I’d definitely get a navel piercing.

So today’s Improper Poll question is a multiple, and you get to pick (ha, get it?!) one or more to answer:

Would you get your nose pierced?
If your nose is pierced, is picking difficult for you?
If you had to have one piercing other than the ears, what would you pick and why?


  1. I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was 30! Now it appears literally anyplace, ANYPLACE, on the body is fair game. Not so much for me...


  2. I would NOT get my nose pierced. I want the picking to be unimpeded. (ha)

    My gut sticks out far enough without any accessorizing, so I wouldn't get my navel pierced and piercing anything north--or south--of my navel makes me shudder at the thought.

  3. Nope, got enough nose holes, and a navel piercing would get buried in belly flab, uhm, and I am with Siuoux about the N&S areas. I got my ears pierced at thirty and cried. It hurt, oh yes it did! Huh-uh, no way.

  4. No nose piercing for me. My daughter has a nose piercing - looks good on her. My other daughter has her lower lip pierced - and that one looks good on her. The nose piercing daughter had her belly button pierced, but when she had her appendix removed (emergency), that had to go. She now has a long scar from that starts just below her belly button down to her pubic area. Belly button piercing would just enhance that. I can't even stand to have my belly button touched. The though of piercing it...ugh.

    I had pierced ears done by my bf's aunt with ice and a needle and I nearly puked. I swore I'd never do that again, so no double ear piercing or nothing else, but if I HAD to make a choice then maybe a lower lip. You know how you chew on your lower lip sometimes? I could see doing that with a piercing. :-)

  5. No to the nose. Yes to the belly IF I had 21-year-old abs and a pre-baby tummy, which I do not.

    My youngest kidlet (17) just got her belly button pierced (I'll be posting about it on Wednesday). She has no interest in any other piercings and thinks tattoos are silly.

    My middle kidlet (23) has piercings AND tattoos. Her ears, tongue and belly are pierced. She has 5 tattoos (easily hidden); one is on her ankle (her Dachshund's paw prints, of all things). She's not a motorcycle mama or anything. Has a BA in English and is half-way through a BA History with plans for her MBA, followed by a masters in English and then a PhD in English or historical lit). Kind of an overachiever, so we overlook the holes and ink. Anyway--and this may sound weird--but somehow it all suits her. She's cute as a button.

    Interestingly, my 28-year-old son has no piercings and no tattoos. He does like nose piercings on women...he thinks it's sexy.

    Okay. That was really a long comment. I need to come up for air!

  6. I would never get my nose pierced. Too painful, too messy. If I was required to get a piercing, it would be an eyebrow piercing. That shouldn't hurt too much, or be hard to take care of.

    This poll has inspired me to expound on the subject at my super-secret blog:


  7. I could never get my nose pierced because of one of my nightly rituals that helps me to breathe better, unimpeded by boogers. I might, just might get a couple of more ear piercings so I could wear my studs, but never my navel, because the ring or stud might just catch on what little pubic hair I have left, because that is where my navel is, having fallen with the rest of my belly.

  8. I choose to not PICK any of them to answer! How's that?! AND, I want to know how in the world you can have discussions about such things with any friend other than ME?! :)

  9. Oh....P.S. LOVE your toile background!!

  10. I, too love your background, very pretty~

    It wouldn't be hard to me to pick, I mean select. I really don't need anymore holes in my head.
    If I had the abs, I would get one in the belly region, my navel.

    Fun over here~Thanks for visiting me!


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