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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Improper Poll: (Green) Beaned

My daughter and I felt a little sick last week. No one threw up, but we occasionally felt as if we might be on the brink. But then, we are not thrower-uppers.

In college, I heard of a girl who routinely stuck her finger down her throat to barf up her dinner. I’d never heard of bulimia, so I tried it. I succeeded merely in drooling clear down to my elbow. By then I was so grossed out that I gave up. Now I know I'm not so unlucky that my body has the annoying habit of hanging onto food.

But anyway, while thinking about vomit, I was reminded of the time my sister threw up and a green bean came out her nose. I mentioned this to a group of friends once, and one of them volunteered that she’d had a similar experience with corn. Corn! Out the nose! Will wonders never cease??!

So naturally I am wondering if this phenomenon is confined to vegetables or side dishes or what. Have you ever vomited out the nose? Is this common, nasal vomitage? Is “nasal vomitage” a real phrase, or merely one that should be?

And do you have any puking stories to share?


  1. Oh, my. I've never read a puking-related post before!

    The worst sickness bug I had was in Egypt. Let's just say I needed to sit on the loo and use the sink at the same time. Aah...I remember the Pharoah's curse with particular fondness. Not.

    Ellie Garratt

  2. Hahaha! This is sooo gross, Tammy! I wrote a post for Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday on the uvula--that little hangy-down thing in the back of your throat. It is SUPPOSED to keep food from coming out your nose, but we all know it still can happen! I am famous for shooting beverages out my nose when hearing/reading something funny, like your post!

    On another note, some of the bone-building drugs have been shown to cause spontaneous breaks in the femur. This happened to my cousin, and it required surgery and a long rehabilitation.

  3. I have a beaning to report! Thankfully, it was not my own, and not vomit-related.

    A pale, white-haired girl at my high school lunch table started laughing at our jokes. Suddenly, she snorted. A projectile shot across the table and hit my friend in the chest. The Snorter said matter-of-factly: "A chili bean came out my nose."

  4. I woke up one morning, after a party at which the quantity of drink induced vomiting, and found a cocktail onion on the 5' high shelf of my bookcase ... I'm still wondering how?

  5. Gross - and yet so compelling! I'm not a puker myself either, despite nausea being a side effect of anything I catch. Will often hose down the furniture through my nose if I'm surprised by something funny, though - does this mean I still qualify?

  6. LOL Okay, I'm wondering if you're somehow channeling my son. He's 29 and still loves jokes about puking and the Hershey Trots (his term, not mine). Uhhh...in 7th grade I laughed so hard milk came out my nose. Does that count? Sorry, no veggies-out-the-snout stories. If I come across anything referable to vomiting, though, you'll be the first person I think of. (Somehow that sounded better before I saw it in writing.) Uh...you know what I mean.

  7. Speaking of laughter, I had to be careful not to drink anything while reading your comments! Please don't feel left out if you've only spewed through the nose while laughing...I definitely think that should count. Lisa, maybe it's a symptom of spending way too much time with middle and high school kids. Val, that is one impressive, sniper-style chili beaning!

  8. Oh, Sandra, meant to add that now I too will always wonder about the cocktail onion. That mystery is almost book blurb-worthy!


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