Writing is like being able to put life into a snow globe. It takes the things that are too big and scary and reduces them into a form that I can put away when I want and look at from a distance. It also takes all that’s good in life and captures it into something I can take out when I want and look at close up and keep forever. It makes the bad things into something I can hold…and the good things into something I can hold onto. Both help so much that I need that little souvenir of life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Great Smelling Fishbone

This is epiphyllum anguliger, or Fishbone Cactus, that bloomed last week. The flowers were the size of a cup and saucer with a scent that was mild, but heavenly...sort of jasmine/fruity/citrus. Delicious. This flower (to me) smells more like some plumeria products I've bought than actual plumeria does.

Every day I discover how little I know; it's just that I also discover that other people don't know as much as I thought. ~Gloria Steinem


  1. You always have such gorgeous flowers! Also, love the quote by Ms. Steinem!

  2. Thanks for indulging my floral inclinations! Something about seeing these little tokens of the tropics in my own house gives me such a thrill!

  3. hi..
    i have video epiphyllum in my blog. this the url of my video :

  4. Wow, madebeni, I have to admit that I wondered about video of a plant, but seeing those enormous flowers open on camera like that was amazing!! Stunning plant, too. I think that was oxypetallum rather than anguliger? Thanks!


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