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Monday, August 10, 2009

Searching for My Root

I’ve attempted to begin the chakra opening process by starting with the root one. I’m having several problems with this.

One is that my instructions aren’t explicit enough. I’m a Westerner. I need to be told how to meditate and for how long. How long does it take? How do I know if my mission has been accomplished?

One thing they did tell me was to wear my little necklace over the body part that’s being repaired. But the root chakra is located in a place where I wouldn’t even know how to wear a necklace. And plus….eww. And...ow. So I’m wearing it around my neck and hoping it doesn’t jumble up my chakras.

The other problem is one of the yoga positions I’m supposed to do. The illustration shows the model bent at the waist so far that she’s actually folded in half like a wallet. Her stomach is squished against her thighs, and she has sort of locked herself in place by reaching behind and grasping the backs of her legs.


“Many men spend their lives fishing and never realize it isn’t fish they’re after.” ~H.D. Thoreau

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  1. Roots, chakras, yoga...My mind does not compute these words. Are they foreign? Bending in half like a wallet? What is she?? A paper doll?


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