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Saturday, July 25, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different

I've been having the most fun lately messing with my blog. Which reminds me of something that happened to me last year. I fell in love with a guy through his blog. Yes.

It was fate, I could tell, because I kept hitting the same guy’s blog for different reasons. I love gardening, and he has this gorgeous garden. Then I hit the same blog looking for quotes. He had these pithy, philosophical things to say.

There was a picture of him on one page, and not only was he about my age…could it get any more amazing? He was good looking.

He also had cats, judging from one of his pictures. Although I don’t currently have cats, any cat-hating men are automatically relegated to the “NO WAY” pile. But then….

I looked at the cats more closely. There was something about the photo. Was it that the cats were entwined a little too sensually? No, that wasn’t it. And then I realized: it was the sheets of the bed on which they were lying.

Gorgeous sheets. High thread count. Tone on tone. Clean. The embodiment of elegant masculinity. They were even drawn back artistically.

Gay guy sheets.

I later found a picture of his partner, also quite handsome.


Not that I’m going to be picking up guys from their blogs, but still.

Another one bites the dust. ~Queen


  1. LOVE the new look of your blog!!! It's so cute!!
    And what an engaging story about your crush on the Blog Man.... :-)
    Better stick to guys with messier looking beds and accessories!!

  2. Thanks to you!! (Blog look; not blog man.) I'm the original Grace, with my first gay boyfriend at 11!

  3. I just discovered your blog -- so much fun. I loved this story of the Gay Guy Blog. Send him a link to this post -- I'm sure he'd enjoy it, and you might make a new friend.

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